Speed Dating November 30th

Do you want to find female/nonbinary songwriting partners to create music with for Female Songwriters Day? Join our speed dating rounds! The sign up form is further down this page.


How does it work?

The speed dating rounds will be hosted on Google Meets and last for about one hour. During this time you will meet up to 18 other female/non-binary songwriters and producers who you’ll be able to set up writing sessions with and create wonderful music.


Sure… but how?


  • Step 1: All participants gather in the Google Meets main room.
  • Step 2: After a brief introduction you will be randomized into breakout rooms in groups of four.
  • Step 3: The breakout room will last for 8 minutes and during this time you’ll take turns introducing yourselves to each other. Make sure to include contact information in your presentation so you can hook up after the event. Have fun and make it personal!
  • Step 4: When 8 minutes has passed everyone will gather again in the main room for a short breather of about 2 minutes.
  • Step 5: We’ll repeat the cycle from step 2 five more times, which will give you a total of six rounds of breakout rooms. 



Sounds fun right? Fill out the form below to register! Deadline for registration is November 28th. We have a limited number of seats – first come, first served.