It’s time to get more females/non binaries visible on the global hit lists.
It’s time to achieve greater financial equality.
It’s time to manifest the female power behind many good songs.
It’s time to connect and encourage female writers globally!

We’ll make a difference – in accordance with the UN Global Goals 2030, for equality!


You can write alone or together with females/non binary from all over the world.
Create from anywhere you want – a café, a music studio, the beach or online. Start writing when the time is right for you and keep going for as long as you want!


We can help you connect with other female/non-binary songwriters and producers. Join our Facebook community or use the hashtag #femalesongwritersday.

You set up your own songwriting sessions. For practical reasons there are no official sessions organized. It’s on your own terms and you decide together with your writing partners what your commitments will be.


We will offer seminars to inspire and help you create fantastic songs. Participate in any activity we will offer during the 24 hours! Connect with others and share behind the scenes with the hashtag #femalesongwritersday and most importantly – have fun!


We’ll give you a week to finish your song. When ready, registered and secured you will be able to send it to us, if you feel like it.

Then you’ll be able to sign it up for feedback from a hand picked bunch of talented songwriters and producers, or have your song showcased in a digital listening party. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up throwing the biggest listening party ever?


Everything related to Female Songwriters Day is completely free of charge! We want to help you connect and meet new friends in music, develop your skills and and have fun with other songwriters and producers.


Coming next week!




With Inés Martinez Llinas

Inés Martinez Llinas

Inés Martinez is a music business professional currently at the heart of the international talent agency Vocalkitchen, based in The Netherlands.

Working with a passionate team of professionals, she helps to develop the artistry and profile of singer-songwriters, working with labels, publishers, and DJs & Producers to get tailored placement for vocalists, recent examples include DJs such as Armin van Buuren and Lost Frequencies.

Networking can come more naturally to some people than others, and after realizing how crucial it can be to our personal and professional lives, I placed it at the core of all that I do. Through my own and others’ experiences in the industry, I have developed a series of tips and techniques that everyone can use to build stronger relationships and grow their networks.

As a result of cultural conditioning and societal pressure, women and gender-binary individuals, find It hard to put ourselves at the forefront, but it’s time for that to change. Let’s work together to take the central stage in our lives and the world! Join my networking challenge.

Inés is also the co-founder of Featuring Females, a non-profit organization that empowers women and gender-binary singers, songwriters and producers, through free educational and networking events.



With Melisha Linell

Melisha Linnell is a music producer, sound engineer, mix and master engineer with a recording studio in Brewhouse, Gothenburg Sweden and she earned a bachelor degree in music production from University of Dalarna even though she has worked many years as a producer before that. She also teaches music production, mixing and mastering at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

She has been mastering professionally since 2005 and has also studied mastering practices in Studio Bohus as well as Svenska Grammofonstudion. 

Melisha Linell

Linnell is also the founder of non profit organization EQLovesMusic, working for equality within music production.

During the masterclass you will learn:

  • History and mixing mastering processes 
  • The creativity of mix, mastering and the Top down process
  • Hands on tips and tricks
  • Conventions and standards applied in the real world


With Maria Marcus

Maria Marcus

Swedish songwriter/producer Maria Marcus has made a multi platinum career as a writer and producer for others, mainly in countries like Japan and South Korea. With over 9 million sold albums she continues to write and produce for artists like Red Velvet, Monsta X, Oh My Girl!, Happiness, Sudannayuzuyullu, Exile Tribe, Namie Amuro and many others.

Among many career highlights, Maria wrote and produced  “Listen”, performed by American Idol participant Haley Reinhart to market James Cameron’s award-winning TV series on global warming, “Years of Living Dangerously” with Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon and Jessica Alba.


With Linnea Deb

Linnea Deb

Linnea is a member of the songwriting trio ”the Family”. She has a great voice, has toured with Ace of Base, worked with Phil Collins and has had a number of hit songs competing in the Eurovision Song Contest over the years.

The super power lyricist and songwriter stands behind the Eurovision winner ”Heroes” 2015, performed by Måns Zelmerlöw, as well as a number of other great songs for a wide range of global artists, among them Fifth Harmony and JoJo.



With Mónica Vélez

Mónica Vélez is a highly successful and widely respected Mexican composer. She has won Latin Grammy Awards twice, eight SACM awards, seven ASCAP awards, one ASCAP film and television award, two Billboard awards, and one Monitor Latino Award as the Composer of the Year. 

Mónica is the gender equality´s ambassador of the latin American association for composers and creators. She has more than 300 recorded songs, several of which have sold millions of copies. Her songs have been recorded in italian, portuguese, korean, english, russian and turkish.

Mónica Vélez

Among the World Renown International Artists who have recorded or performed songs composed by Monica Velez: Lena Park, Luis Fonsi, Marc Anthony, Camila, David Bisbal, Los Tigres del Norte, Ricky Martin, Reik, Bronco, Paulina Rubio, Malú, Luis Enrique, Tiziano Ferro, Alex Syntek, and Alejandro Fernandez.